Amazing Golf Trick Shot Videos – Produced by our own Nick Austin

I’ll be posting some additional links to more of Nick’s awesome trick shots but I will be tying one in each Tuesday with my Newsletter. Nick is a recent All-American UofR graduate and a fantastic golfer (as you will soon see). Glad to see somebody has been working on their short game with this lousy cold weather!

Nick Austin Indoor Trick Shot Video!

Inaugural Nick Austin Trick Shot Tuesday Video

Nick Austin Bank Shot Trick Shot Video-Pretty impressive!



I can honestly attest that these are the “real-deal” video’s which clearly illustrate Nick’s skills. There were certainly a few shots that didn’t work out and a shaft or two may have been damaged in the making of these video’s – but we are here to get those clubs re-shafted to bring you a new video every week. Can’t tell you the last time I re-shafted a driver with a steel shaft!