Congratulations to Callaway Golf now having the #1 irons in golf

I can certainly believe it as the 2016 Apex and Apex Pro have far and above been our top selling iron of late. Based on Launch Monitor testing and comparison to most other irons, these beasts simply fly further with tighter dispersion. They also look and feel awesome!

From recent Callaway Release

At Callaway, we’re incredibly proud to have the #1 irons in golf*. It’s a credit to our world-class R&D team and all of the major technology breakthroughs they’ve made in the iron category over the past few years. It would take way too long (and consist of too may big words to list them all), so we’ll point out 5 of the key reasons why we’re #1.

1. The 360 Face Cup Revolution

When we brought our 360 Face Cup technology to our irons and saw the massive ball speed gains golfers were getting all across the face, we knew we had a winner. The phrase “game changer” gets thrown around a lot in our industry, but in this case it’s completely warranted.

We introduced industry-defining ball speed for the irons category, and golfers have responded by picking up a lot of distance. You can find the 360 Face Cup in new XR OS Irons, XR Irons, Apex CF 16 Irons and Big Bertha Irons. Whether you hit it off the center of the face, the heel, or the toe, you’re still going to get the distance you want.

2. Forgiveness Is Your Friend

Those four sets of irons we just mentioned can help you hit your irons a long way, and they’re very forgiving too. They all have high MOIs, so your mis-hits can still produce good shots.

And they’re designed to give you the ball flight and playability that you’re looking for. Our new XR OS Irons even have a wider sole design for more consistency. When you combine all this forgiveness with Face Cup technology, you have irons that are realllyyyy fun to hit.

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3. Great Feel

Forged irons have to be soft, and our Apex family is an industry leader in soft feel. On our Apex CF 16 and Apex Pro 16 Irons, we’ve applied an extremely precise quadruple net forging and 1025 mild carbon steel to develop a new standard for incredibly soft feel in a forged iron. Golfers have told us again and again that they absolutely love it.

4. Hey Good Lookin’

If you’ve seen these irons in stores, on our product pages, at Demo Days, or on our social media accounts, you know that we put a lot of value into making clubs that look as good as they perform. We create irons that can help your game, and we work tirelessly to design clubs that you’re extremely proud to put in your bag.

5. Irons For Everyone

One of our greatest assets is that we have an iron for every player. Whether you’re an improving golfer who wants to get better, a weekend warrior, a TOUR Pro, a club champ, or somewhere in between, we’re positive that one of our irons is perfectly suited to your game. We even built this iron selector tool to help you choose which set is right for you!

Do you game Callaway irons? Let us know what you think of your set in the comments below…

*#1 Irons: Claim based on Golf Datatech report, U.S. combined channel iron dollar share data from January – December 2015.