New Titleist C16 Concept Drivers and Irons will now be available at our Titleist Thursdays

Today (4/28/16) will be our second week hosting Titleist Thursdays and last week was a huge success with all allotted slots being filled up the week prior.  I would encourage everyone to come out as Independence is now hosting their concert series Thursday evening which is an added bonus for this event. Come out and try some new Titleist clubs while listening to some great live music on the lawn while enjoying your favorite Devils Backbone golden beverages!

As a premium we will be one of the few venues (in the country) to offer the limited line of the new Titleist “concept” series drivers and irons. These are very limited and I fully expect them to sell out within the coming weeks. We’ve taken calls from as far away as Tidewater and North Carolina for players who will be driving up to test these truly unique clubs. Click the images below for more info!c16driver