Reminder of the big fitting event this Saturday 11-3:00 at Independence and Titleist C16 will be available

Just wanted to remind everyone that our annual Fitting and Demo event will be held again this Saturday 5/7/16 from 11:00-3:00 at Independence Golf Club. This will be a welcome break for most golfers who have been stuck inside this week with all the rain. Saturdays forecast is beautiful so come out and test out all the new equipment. As tomorrow (Titleist Thursdays) looks to be a washout we are excited to have the Titleist fitting crew back on Saturday and they will also have the new CS (concept series) line of irons and drivers.

As a premium we will be one of the few venues (in the country) to offer the limited line of the new Titleist “concept” series drivers and irons. These are very limited and I fully expect them to sell out within the coming weeks. We’ve taken calls from as far away as Tidewater and North Carolina for players who will be driving up to test these truly unique clubs. Click the images below for more info!c16driver