Itobori Golf now available exclusively from Hodson Golf

I’ll be perfectly honest here – I’ve been doing this a LONG time and can honestly say that I’ve never seen a sexier line of handcrafted clubs like these EVER!!!  These are individually hand made from a master Japanese craftsman so bring your A game and your wallet!  We here at Hodson Golf are very honored to be given the exclusive opportunity to make these unique clubs available to our loyal customer base. You really need to see (and hit) these things in person-they are scary good (and scary $$$$).

2016-17 Itobori Golf

itoboriiron itoboriputter itoboriputter1 itoboriwedge itoboriwedge1 itoboriwedge3 itoboriwedge4 itoboriwedge5 itoboriwedges