EvnRoll=The Best Putter Ever Tested! – Strong words (even stronger results).Now available through Hodson Golf

I’m a huge fan of My Golf Spy as they are independent and not influenced by the leading manufacturers in regards to their unbiased testing (They also just built a great testing facility nearby in Yorktown Virginia). I must say the numbers don’t lie here folks and I’ve never seen My Golf Spy so strongly endorse a specific equipment line (again the numbers don’t lie). I would encourage everyone to read the article and to also watch the video which is pretty amazing. Geurin Rife has made some phenomenal putters in his storied career but It looks like he has knocked it out of the park with this line.

Hodson Golf is proud to announce that we are the latest dealer for EvnRoll (and the only one in the Mid-Atlantic!). We will soon have the full compliment of EvnRoll putters next week and are excited to offer our professional fitting services with this great line. Please contact us ASAP to schedule your private fitting as our first shipment which is scheduled to arrive next week is pretty much sold out (no kidding)!


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