Another fascinating aspect/benefit of the EvnRoll putter!

Reminder – We will be hosting an EvnRoll putter demo/trial event this Saturday 9/24/16 11:00-1:00 at Independence Golf Club.

To further explain another benefit of this game changing putter is related to the alignment dots on the topline. If you have not seen the video, the EvnRoll putter is designed to gear the ball back to center on off-center putts (testing shows that most golfers missed putts are struck 1/4″ to 1/2″ from the center of the club face!). The great part of this gear-effect/special milled face in conjunction with the alignment aids allows the golfer to actually setup/align based on the break of the putt! This allows the golfer to take advantage of the “sweet face” to actually counter-spin the ball to take some of the break away which exponentially increases your chances of draining that hard-breaking putt! Per Guerin Rife:

“Each design has two small, unpainted dots on the top line of the putter 1/8” to either side of the center cavity sightline. This gives the golfer a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning. The dots also assist the golfer on aligning breaking putts. Align the ball in front of the toe-side dot for right-to-left putts and the heel-side dot for left-to-right putts. This keeps the ball travelling on the high side of the target line.”