New Graphite Design Tour AD-TP Prototype soon available from Hodson Golf

For everyone out there who loves their Graphite Design Tour AD shaft, here is some great news:

I’m pleased to announce to you our launch plans for the exciting new Graphite Design Tour AD TP  wood shaft model.  The new, 2017 Tour AD TP shafts will be launched into the market place and ready for shipment on 10-19-16.  They will be available in 40g R2 (Lite/Senior), R1 (Regular) and S flex, 50g R2 (Lite/Senior), R1 (Regular) and S flex, 60g SR (Stiff Regular), S and X flex, 70g S and X flex and 80g S and X flex.



The Tour AD TP-5, -6,-7 and -8 weights are positioned right in between the current Tour AD DI and Tour AD GP models from a profile standpoint with a Stiff Tip, Firm Mid-section and Firm Butt section to promote Mid/High Launch angle and Low Spin.  I would equate it as the closest shaft profile to the Tour AD DI that we have done from an overall feel standpoint and view it as a modernized and slightly stiffer version of the Tour AD DI with the T1100G material technology in the tip section.  The Tour AD TP-4 shafts are slightly softer than the current inline Tour AD GP-4 shafts and are designed to promote a High Launch condition and Mid Spin.


The Tour AD TP shafts also incorporate a new mandrel profile that has a faster taper rate from the lower-mid to tip section that we will call “ FTT ”  for “Fast Taper Technology” , providing the new Tour AD TP shafts with the overall feeling of greater club head control at impact and an increase in club head speed through the swing.   We recently conducted robotic club testing with Gene Parente at Golf Laboratories Inc. here in San Diego and as a result we found the Tour AD TP-6 Stiff Flex shaft gained +3.5 yards in Carry Distance and +3.8 yards in Total Distance while maintaining tight dispersion rates vs. comparable Tour AD 65g wood shaft models.