Early word leaked on the “Game Changing” driver for 2017

So I really have to bite my lip on this one. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but I was lucky enough to see firsthand the prototype  driver that has all the gearheads online amped up. This bad boy blew away all the competitors at the recent GD testing summit for the upcoming 2017 Golf Digest Hot List.

“If the science behind this is right – and the evidence certainly says so – this could be radical in the formation of driver construction,” said a scientist. The academics are a stoic, no nonsense bunch; when they get excited, you know it’s good.

I’ve included a link from GolfWrx thread regarding the overwhelming results (scroll down to the section “There’s a club coming to the market that is a certified show-stopper”). I’m familiar with these testers and to have them all come to the same conclusion or even agreement is pretty rare (I honestly don’t think it’s ever happened before).

I will have these in-hand early January and will be promoting a large in-door event with the manufacturer to showcase this beast that no other competitor can touch

(goodnight TM) 

>>>>stay tuned<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>It will be epic<<<<<<<<