Hodson Golf now authorized dealer for XXIO Golf – “Prime Time!”

What to get the “more advanced” golfer  in your family for Christmas – who has everything already?

And by “more advanced” I mean age not ability

smileyfaceWell look and shop no further!

XXIO golf is the “uber-prime” golf line direct from Japan. It’s actually the leading high-end golf equipment line in Japan, and Hodson Golf now has access to this truly unique lineup. The line is geared specifically for the “more advanced” golfer (both male and female!) looking to generate more ball speed and ultimately more distance. These clubs feature some of the lightest shafts imaginable (less than 40 grams) and provide much higher launch, distance, and control. Their patented DST (Dual Speed Technology) offers: Optimized Head Path, Increased Swing Speed, Higher Head Speed, and Higher Ball Speed. I have included the spec sheet below.

disclaimer: pretty much all authentic golf equipment we get from Japan is considerably more expensive than the clubs we get here in the good ole USA. So when I mention “high-end golf equipment” and “Japan” in the same sentence – it translates to: 

                  (IT COSTS HOW MUCH!!!)