The impatient golfer & Hodson Golf

As long as I’ve been doing this, I understand, better than anyone, the impatience golfers have in regards to getting new equipment (and I’m the same way) . I only write this as I’ve been fielding some downright rude emails and phone messages regarding availability. Please understand that custom fittings are performed by our staff of 3 (me, myself, and I).

We are currently booked several weeks out and continually have 40+ people on our weekly availability email. If its any consolation last year we were booked nearly 6 weeks out. My advise is to book a session (however far out) and you will be notified if anyone cancels or if other day/times become available. If you can’t wait then just kindly ask us to remove you from our weekly availability email – its as simple as that (then go take a damn Xanex).