Not your typical water hazard-care of Paul Kelly, Glendenning Golf

I wanted to share some pics just sent to me. At the recent Callaway Hall of Fame event I had the opportunity to share some great times with Paul Kelly who hails from Glendenning GC in Saint Johns, Newfoundland. I’ll let him explain it:

“Just thought I would share a picture of our water hazards.  These giant Ice Bergs show up every year around this time as they drift south from Greenland, past Newfoundland and into to open water.  This route is known as Ice Berg Alley.   It is a regular sight for me to see these across the street from my house.  I even hit golf balls at them from time to time.  One of the pictures shows a helicopter that landed on one the other day.  It looks like a fly spec.

While they are magnificent to see I would gladly trade the beaches of southern California at this time of year.” (amen to that Paul!)