XXIO Private Release Event Scheduled for Thursday 6/8/17 at Independence GC 4-7:30

We are excited to announce that Hodson Golf will be hosting a private fitting and release event in a few weeks at Independence. Hodson Golf is proud to be the leading XXIO fitter/dealer in the region with limited access to this phenomenal “high-end” Japanese lineup. XXIO has a diverse line but they are primarily geared toward the senior and women’s market as they are uniquely designed to increase club speed (and ball speed) due to their lightweight design and characteristics. These clubs are hands-down the industry leader for those golfers looking to generate higher ball speed, higher ball trajectory, and overall greater distance with tighter dispersion. We will have launch monitors available along with a certified Srixon fitters and a Golf Digest Top 100 fitter to get you perfectly dialed in. You will be astounded just how much distance you can pick up with these clubs (which we will prove on the launch monitor so feel free to bring your current equipment).

This will be a great event for the ladies and will have live music, food, beverages, and even a private wine tasting to make this even more unique. Please note that availability is limited so please click on the link below to register. Please also note that the $75 registration fee will be applied in full to any XXIO purchase.