Hodson Golf now carrying/fitting for………….Taylor Made (Finally!)

For all of our long time customers, you all know my past dissatisfaction with Taylor Made. Up until recently Taylor Made was focused more on their bottom line with their primary focus on Quantity vs Quality. Although we have always had an account with Taylor Made I simply refused to carry their lineup because I was never confident in the quality of their product and knew it was just a matter of time (usually a couple of months) before they churned out yet another driver. Well TM was bought last year by a private equity group which has an extensive background in manufacturing, and has finally changed the mindset of the brand to quality vs quantity.  Already there have been significant changes to the manufacturing and processing of their new equipment with even more exciting changes due in the coming months. TM has also kicked up its R+D spending which is evident in the new “twist face” technology which is going to be a game changer (I honestly can’t believe the industry hasn’t embraced this design until now). It is refreshing to see this company getting back to its roots by catering to the green grass accounts vs its former business model of focusing primarily to the “Big Box” accounts.  We will keep everyone up to speed regarding the exciting changes in store and we are excited to be hosting several fitting events in the coming months.


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