Get M.A.D and get Even…..Longer

We are excited to announce the new release (to dealer clubmakers only) of Graphite Design’s latest M.A.D. (Maximum Accuracy & Distance). This one will still incorporate the Torayca T1100G material technology that can also be found in the high end Tour AD IZ, TP, GP and M9003 shaft models but at a great price point. For all of those who have been scared off because of the high $$$ of graphite design shafts look no further….than Hodson Golf. We will keep you posted later this month when we have these bad boys in our demo lineup.

The team in the R&D lab at Graphite Design Japan went all out when designing the new Graphite Design MAD wood shafts. A challenge was issued to them to design a shaft that would alleviate the ill-fated golf ball flight issues that results in a lack of Maximum Accuracy and Distance. Accepting the challenge, they went to work in an effort to develop a cure.

The new Graphite Design MAD shaft is their response. Available in two strengths, the Graphite Design MAD Standard strength wood shafts are available in a 45g A and R Flex, 55g R and S Flex, 65g R and S Flex and a 70g S Flex and is designed for the intermediate to advance players.

The Graphite Design MAD PRO strength wood shafts are available in 65g S and X Flex and 75g X Flex and is designed for the advanced to professional players with higher swing speeds.

Make an appointment with your local professional golf club fitter and request that he write you a prescription for a new Graphite Design MAD shaft to cure your ball flight issues that may be holding you back from achieving Maximum Accuracy and Distance.



Features & Technology:

  • Premium, ultra-thin, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.

Bend Profile:

SHAFT TIP Section MID Section BUTT Section


Shaft Type Part Number Flex Length Wt. Tip OD Tip Para. Butt OD Torque Kick pt Launch Spin
MAD 65 PRO Stiff Flex MAD6T-S Stiff 46″ 67g .335″ 3.0″ .615″ 3.8 MID MID LOW
MAD 65 PRO X-Stiff Flex MAD6T-X X-Stiff 46″ 68g .335″ 3.0″ .616″ 3.8 MID MID LOW
MAD 75 PRO X-Stiff Flex MAD7T-X X-Stiff 46″ 77g .335″ 3.0″ .620″ 3.2 MID MID LOW
MAD 45 Lite Flex MAD4C-A Lite 46″ 50g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 6.4 LOW HIGH MID
MAD 45 Regular Flex MAD4C-R Regular 46″ 50g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 6.3 LOW HIGH MID
MAD 55 Lite Flex MAD5C-R Regular 46″ 60g .335″ 3.0″ .612″ 4.7 LOW/MID MID/HIGH MID
MAD 55 Lite Flex MAD5C-S Stiff 46″ 61g .335″ 3.0″ .613″ 4.6 LOW/MID MID/HIGH MID
MAD 65 Lite Flex MAD6C-R Regular 46″ 66g .335″ 3.0″ .612″ 4.4 LOW/MID MID/HIGH LOW/MID
MAD 65 Lite Flex MAD6C-S Stiff 46″ 68g .335″ 3.0″ .614″ 4.4 MID MID LOW/MID
MAD 75 Lite Flex MAD7C-S Stiff 46″ 75g .335″ 3.0″ .616″ 3.8 MID MID LOW/MID