Pre-Season Grip Event 3/12/18 – Does the proper grip matter? Get A Grip (Literally)

Of all the people we deal with every year, it never ceases to amaze me how the vast majority of golfers view one of the most fundamentally important aspects of their equipment as just a grip. The grip is where your body meets the club and an ill-properly fit grip WILL result in an ill-properly struck ball. Hodson Golf will be hosting a grip event at our Tour Trailer at Independence Golf Club next Monday 3/12/18 from 3:30-6:00. Stop by and take advantage of our pre-season re-grip specials which include:

  1. Complimentary grip sizing
  2. 50% off labor install with purchase of 12 grips
  3. Free grip with 12 re-grip purchase
  4. Wide assortment of putter grips and styles to choose from
  5. Quick tour level turnaround time
  6. Spring Grip Clean Out – We have A LOT of tour issue only grips (tour velvet ribbed, tour velvet cord ribbed, victory round and ribbed, lamkin crossline ribbed, Golf Pride V-55 cord and ribbed) that we need to clean out. Come by and pick through the bins and pick up some great grip specials for as low as $2 each (again most of these grips are only available on tour).

If you are interested please contact us so that we can be prepared when you arrive and please let  us know what type/style grip you would like so that we can make sure to have ample supplies available.