Ping G400 LST (Low Spin) – Most Wanted Driver for 2018 – My Golf Spy independent testing and Tour results

Per the Ping Tour News 3/26/18 – (Click here for actual test results)

“The noted website has named the G400 LST the Most Wanted Driver of 2018, and it is also the #1 PING model in tour pros’ bags. In extensive testing, the model was #1 in strokes gained, and its strong performance in distance, accuracy and other key variables contributed to the driver’s #1 overall rating. Out on tour, it is the most wanted PING driver. Last week the G400 LST was the most-played PING model on the PGA Tour (12), the (15), and the LPGA (10).

We here at Hodson Golf, continue to find the Ping LST to be the most forgiving of all the Low Spin drivers currently out there. We have always found that most of the competitors low-spin drivers (although they do produce lower spin) tend to have a greater dispersion on the mis-hits or simply don’t go as far and/or lower smash-factors.