New Pre-Release of the Graphite Design Tour AD VR (Vanquish All Rivals)- They’ve done it again!

How can Graphite Design keep producing better and better shafts – by using the latest high quality space age ingredients coupled with industry leading Japanese engineering. NOTE: AS THE AREAS LEADING GRAPHITE DESIGN DEALER HODSON GOLF WILL HAVE THESE PROTOTYPE BEASTS IN HAND MID SEPTEMBER FOR CUSTOM FITTING (THE VR WILL BE AN OFFICIAL 2019 RELEASE). CONTACT US NOW TO GET ON THE FITTING LINEUP AND WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED WHEN WE HAVE THEM IN-HAND.

We have been saying here at Hodson Golf  for years that the “holy grail” of driver shafts would be the highest launching, lowest spinning, shaft with the most tip stability. We began to see this game changing transition with the notable Tour AD DI (“Deep Impact”-the Orange shaft) and then improved with the Tour AD IZ (Into the Zone) that came out last year.

Well move over everybody here comes the VR (Vanquish All Rivals)

The Tour AD VR wood shaft will be available in the standard weights of 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 grams.  The Tour AD VR shaft profile is firm to stiff starting at the handle, medium/firm in the center section and has a firm tip to promote a mid/high launch angle and low ball spin rates.  The Tour ADVR also utilizes TORAYCA ® T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY ® technology in the tip section of the shaft for additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control.  Note attached Tour AD VR spec. sheet and Bend Profiles Comparison chart for the complete details on this new shaft offering.

Tour AD VR