New – Ping Sigma 2 Holiday Fitting & Putter Special

We are excited to offer the new lineup of the just released Ping Sigma 2 putters. This line has been in the works for some time and it has been well worth the wait. The Sigma 2 is a diverse lineup and features a putter for every putting style. We are especially excited about the adjustable shaft length on each putter which allows for custom fitting anywhere between 32″ – 36″ (USGA conforming!). With the ability to bend the putters on site during the fitting we are excited to offer custom fit putters that the customer can take home after the fitting (WHAT A GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA!!). For a limited time during the holidays we are offering a Ping Sigma 2 fitting with putter special for only $300 (includes fitting, custom built/fit Ping Sigma 2 putter, tax & shipping). Simply purchase 4 of our $75 gift certificates and we will send you the custom gift certificate which you can present to the lucky recipient.


USGA-Conforming, Adjustable-Length Shaft

The adjustable-length shaft is lightweight, easy to use and sleekly concealed beneath the grip, allowing golfers to customize length between 32″ and 36″ to fit their stroke and posture. The process is quick and intuitive through the use of an adjustment tool that inserts into the top of the grip. One full turn causes approximately a ¼” adjustment up or down, and the grip remains perfectly aligned during the adjustment process.

“The adjustable shaft is just a really cool technology,” said Solheim. “Our engineers took a very complex technical challenge and simplified it for the benefit of golfers. It allows you to experiment with various lengths and ultimately self-fit yourself. You’re no longer limited to a specific length measurement. You simply adjust it until you’re comfortable, ideally with your eyes directly over the ball. We call it ‘invisible’ technology but once you customize it to your length, the results will be very clear on your scorecard.”