Accra Tour (TZ5 AND TZ6) – Official “spin killers”

For all of you hard hitting spinny guys out there who have been on the never ending hunt trying to find a shaft that will cut down on the spin (but doesn’t feel like your swinging a piece of rebar) – LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE NEW ACCRA TZ5 & TZ6 TOUR LINE SHAFT SERIES. Accra has always been synonymous in the “gearhead” world (and especially on tour) for producing some of the best quality high-modulus carbon graphite shafts in the business. Accra has taken all their years of advancements (I’ve actually had the pleasure to meet Simon who invented the S3 shaft mapping machine) to now offer to the general public (through charter dealers only-i.e Hodson Golf) this unique and game changing shaft series. Contact us now to test run these bad boys on the launch monitor and see for yourself the results.

per Gawain Robertson, co-owner and founder of PGMC/Accra:

“In the softer flexes, the TZ6 is for the person that needs some help getting the ball in the air, but as you get to stiffer flexes, the torque starts dropping and it becomes more of a players shaft.”

“So it sort of transitions from a shaft that helps the average guy get the ball in the air to a shaft that helps a tour guy get the ball in the air with low spin.”