Professional Private Fitting vs Demo Day – What’s the deal?

To avoid any confusion we would just like to clarify a few things to those interested or curious as to what the overall process is for a private personal fitting. You can find answers to most of your questions here on our site but again just to clarify – A fitting is NOT like a demo day!

Prior to your fitting we will provide you with a questionnaire, and during the fitting we will guide you through the optimum equipment choices to enhance your overall game. The questionnaire will also allow us to focus on certain brands/models that you may be specifically interested in. For full bag fittings we rarely end up with all clubs from a certain manufacturer. We are going to fit you in the best equipment regardless of brand to achieve the best performing equipment for your specific game.

Unlike a demo day where people line up to basically hit free balls with each manufacturers stock clubs (that you can find lining the shelves at any big box) we custom fit for your specific needs and generally end up with certain shaft/head combinations that are simply not available with typical OEM stock clubs.


About Andrew Hodson

I am the youngest with in a golfing family which has spanned three generations. My grandfather started the tradition in England (Bert Hodson-1931 Ryder Cup Team) and has since passed on his knowledge and love of the game. Although I did not follow in the steps of my father and grandfather on a professional golfing level, my love of the game and commitment to accurately fit equipment has only grown. Even as a kid I enjoyed re-gripping clubs which eventually led to refinishing wood heads, re-shafting, and now has culminated in more detailed custom club fitting, building, and repair.