Reminder – Private Odyssey Stroke Lab & Odyssey Fitting Palooza Thursday 5/16 4-6:30 at Independence GC

Just a quick reminder that we do have a few fitting spots available next Thursday 5/16 at Independence. Please contact us directly if you would like to reserve a spot.


Test the newest technology in Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters and find out which putter works best for your game!

DATE: Thursday 5/16

TIME: Either will be 4-6:30 (note: only 8 private fitting sessions available – first come first served)

*Putter fitting will be done with Odyssey PUTTERFITS TABLET
– Reading : Face Angle, Hit Location & Path (ARC Closure)

**Within 15 minutes you will be dialed into the best putter
recommendation for the characteristics of your game.

Terms – $50 deposit will secure your private fitting session with full deposit amount ($50) going towards your custom Odyssey Stroke Lab putter purchase through Hodson Golf.