New Barney Adams Stability Putter Shafts now available

For those of you in the know, Barney Adams started Adams Golf years ago with some unique and game changing designs. Although he sold Adams Golf years ago he has still been in the game as both a consultant and designer. His latest creation focuses specifically on the most important club in the bag – the putter (namely the shaft/engine that helps that putter perform). His research has produced some enlightening results and the demand from tour players (who are not paid to use and/or endorse this shaft) is growing weekly. We are now proud to offer these shafts and combined with the new Gravity Grip from Guerin Rife this combination is pricey but well worth it to help you shave some strokes on the green.

Note: these shafts/grips can be professionally installed by Hodson Golf in our tour trailer. Please contact us today to set up a fitting to determine your optimal putter setup (we can use your existing putter or build you up a complete custom putter setup with either EvnRoll or Ping).