The Fujikura Ventus shaft is the real deal – as supported by My Golf Spy

We have been singing the accolades of the newest shaft release from Fujikura – The Ventus. Everyone we have put this in has raved about the tighter dispersion and longer distances (much more roll) from this higher launching/lower spinning shaft featuring the latest Velocore Technology. This is a fairly technical review and a great one for the “gearheads” out there, but also some great info for those wanting to learn shaft characteristics. I love the fact that My Golf Spy has partnered with Cool Clubs out of AZ and their proprietary S3 shaft profiling technology (see our past posts and you can still get the app on Apple Store). It’s a long article so I’ve broken out some of the best snippets below.


  • What does this mean for the golfer? For those who swing in the 105 to 120 mph range, the Ventus 6S is a low spin, tight dispersion shaft — your shots will stay in the fairway. The stiffer tip section keeps the spin down but won’t negatively affect the launch angle. Whether you’re fast tempo or slow tempo, swinging an easy 80% or trying to swing out of your shoes, Ventus can keep up with you and keep your dispersion tight. Often, higher swing speed golfers fear amping up to the next gear because the result might be a ball headed off into the rough. That won’t happen – or at least it will happen less – with the Ventus. It is an exceptionally stable shaft that just does not twist through the swing, so there are fewer power leaks from off-center hits.

  • Remember the old finger traps that you played with as a kid? You put your two index fingers into either end of a woven bamboo cylinder and pulled in opposite directions. The harder you pulled, the tighter the cylinder became longitudinally until your fingers got stuck. This shaft works similarly. The more stress you put on it, the more efficiently it performs! If you don’t quite hit the sweet spot on the clubface, the result will not be overly penalizing. The Ventus helps limit twisting, which keeps the face more square through impact. Squarer impact means straighter ball flight, higher ball speed, longer distance, and great misses!
  • During our fittings players often have two comments about the Ventus. The first is about how great the shaft feels. The second is about how good the misses are. These are both rooted in how the Ventus transfers energy and how little it twists.