New Graphite Design Tour AD XC (Xtra Carry) – Now Available!

We are excited to announce that we will soon have the latest 2020 shaft release from Graphite Design – The Tour AD XC series. I have attached a PDF spec sheet for all you gear-heads out there.


With the exceptional success we have had over the years fitting our “spinny” customers into the Tour AD BB (Blue Bullet), we are thrilled that there is now an even better/improved option. The new XC series can best be described as a modernized BB which has a similar bend profile but incorporates the latest shaft ingredients to include Torayca M40x and T1100G out of Japan. This beast will now produce even less spin and launch but with more response and feel at impact. Please contact us to schedule some time on the launch monitor to see just how good these shafts are to get you a more penetrating ball flight (with added roll).