2020 China Tariff/Trade Issues and Covid-19 expected delay issues

So please don’t take this the wrong way but I’m just relaying what I am hearing from several of the close sources I have in the golf business. As always I’m just trying to keep our loyal customers up-to-date and not sticking my head in the sand trying to avoid a serious issue. I’m assuming most everyone knows this, but the vast majority of golf club components are manufactured out of southeast China. Now several of the larger OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) saw this trade war coming years ago (which our president warned about before he even took office) and began moving their operations out of China (Vietnam seems to be the most popular). Some saw the warnings as saber-rattling and chose to keep production in China (and are now announcing significant 1st quarter 2020 delay/declines). Well folks its been the double whammy as import tariffs have been levied which has only been compounded lately by most of the factories still being shut down related to the Corona Virus (on top of extended factory closings due to the Chinese New Year which was expected).

Most of you will already notice price increases for most 2020 lines (due to the tariffs). From my perspective I am also seeing more lower quality OEM shafts being offered in most “stock” club offerings simply to keep the manufacturers margins in-check. Again, I’m not trying to spook everyone but if your going to spend the increased money on new golf equipment, it is even more important to get custom fit and I would encourage everyone to do this sooner rather than later. Long Story Short = take advantage of this incredibly warm winter and get fit now and avoid the extended delays which will occur this spring . There is nothing worse than spending a couple thousand on new sticks only to be told that the clubs are backordered for 4-6+ weeks.