Hodson Golf has N95 Particulate Respirator and Surgical Masks to donate

As building/repairing golf clubs can get messy (cutting graphite and steel shafts, grinding, sanding, etc.) I have always stocked up on protective gear. Obviously these things can be better utilized elsewhere right now. So for all the Richmond Virginia golfers out there please don’t break any clubs for a few more weeks. Once this thing has passed (and it will) feel free to break as many clubs as you want in frustration and just remember to bring them back to Hodson Golf for repair.

For all our great customers in the Health field and protective services (or elsewhere) please contact me directly to let me know where I can take these masks to be best used (I have about 100 of the masks and 75 of the fluid resistant surgical face masks with eyeshield (see photos). I know people are gouging buyers via online platforms but I would rather take these to people who need them and not trying to turn a filthy profit. I am donating these to those in need and just need advise as to where to take them.

If individuals need some I have broken some out in 5 packs (using surgical gloves) in sealed ziplock bags.

I’ve included photo’s below and when they are gone they are gone. Thanks and hope everyone stays safe out there.