In these unique times, Hodson Golf is excited to offer live-streaming fittings! I know many of our great customers have some form of launch monitor or simulators while many more currently use some form of online instruction. Let’s take advantage of all this technology and get you fit into some custom clubs from the privacy of your own home, backyard, or nearby driving range – at your convenience.

Our Virtual Fittings are fun, informative and, above all, game improving! This process is very streamlined and at no risk to you. As always our fittings (both virtual and live) include a complimentary follow up fitting. We will schedule the follow up fittings once you have had a chance to “break in” your new custom clubs and we are all given the green light to get back to some form of normalcy. During the complimentary follow up fitting (which will be live, outdoors, and on real grass), we can make any adjustments as needed at NO CHARGE (even if this means changing heads/shafts/grips/etc.!). We have our own PGA Tour trailer on-site during the follow up fitting so its not a problem or big deal to re-shaft, bend, grind, etc. if needed (again at no-charge). As always we want to put the perfectly calibrated custom clubs in your hand and will take all necessary steps to do so.

With all the craziness going on right now this could be a great excuse to finally get custom fit for those clubs that you have been putting off (and actually do something fun and informative at the same time). Our virtual fittings can be done efficiently, professionally, and above all accurately from the comfort of your own home, backyard, or local driving range. All you need is your own personal launch monitor, simulator, or with just your smart phone. What better way to promote social distancing on the course than bombing it past your friends.

For more details and to register for a virtual session please check out our new Virtual Fitting page