So long story short – my website guy, google, facebook, Instagram, etc. have been giving me grief for months as I haven’t been posting as usual and our website had some outdated links. To be perfectly transparent we have been flat-slammed since early May and I’ve simply neglected the almost daily need to keep up with our website and social media. I’ve always joked that my staff of 3 (me, myself, and I) was always the excuse but that just isn’t the case now. I’m so fortunate that my lovely wife (that I’ve been with for over 30 years) now handles the phone calls, deliveries, book-keeping, etc) and my son Drew has really stepped up with the club-making/repair even being a full-time student at VCU. Having Robert Price as my lead-fitter now has also been incredible, and his calming demeanor has been a true blessing getting through this crazy year (come on 2021!).

Anyway, we have re-vamped our website, have met with our rep’s over the last week to inspect the new 2021 lines, and we will have some great posts coming soon. Thanks for everyone’s continued patience and understanding.