New! Hodson Golf Gift Cards Now Available-Updated 12/1/20



What a cutting edge 2020/21/CV-19 way to get the golfer that seems to have everything a special and unique gift that you know will be used and well spent. This is such a great product that we have completely done away with gift certificates. When you purchase the Gift Card simply input the recipients email address for them to automatically receive the gift card (you enter the specific date that they will receive the gift card via email!) . Another great feature of this new card is you can add up to 10 recipients with each purchase if you want to spread the wealth to other friends and loved ones.

Another great aspect – each gift card is automatically stored in our database so any other gift card purchases to the same person will simply accumulate. Think of this as something similar to a wedding registry or a go-fund-me (rather go-fund-my-golf-equipment) campaign. Relatives, Friends, Groomsman, Bridesmaids, Family members, etc. can all purchase gift cards (in any amount) towards any one person. Example: with the holidays coming up you send a group email to your family/friends that you want a custom set of irons from Hodson Golf. Your family/friends simply purchase the gift cards (any amount unknown to you) and Presto! you are now funded to get a custom launch monitor fitting (including follow-up) and a custom built set of irons from Hodson Golf (the gift that gives the whole year-round).

You can purchase any gift card amount starting at $50 just enter the quantity and Gift Card Price and you are good to go.