Hodson Golf is excited to offer this excellent product to help you get both exercise and more importantly – MORE DISTANCE. Don’t get me wrong, as most of you avid golfers know, there are more gimmicks in golf than I care to mention. This product just makes sense and I have personally seen the results of overspeed. Don’t take our word for it, check out the unbiased 3rd party testing completed by mygolfspy and you can clearly see the beneficial results.

This is an excellent year-round gift for that golfer who seems to have everything. We have an ample stock of all packages if you would like to pick up here in Richmond or we will be happy to ship to you at no-charge. Please click on the links below to purchase.

SuperSpeed Mens Package

SuperSpeed Womens Package

SuperSpeed Senior Package

SuperSpeed Junior Package

OverSpeed training works by making the body move faster during a known
movement pattern to reset the normal reaction speed of the body.
The science involves reducing the overall weight of the club to allow the
player to create a faster swing speed. By starting with the light club first,
the player will create much faster speeds during the training. With our
detailed and tested training protocols, we see a 5% gain in swing speed in
about 6 weeks of regular practice.

This is primarily an exercise regiment that you work on for 10 minutes 3 days a week using protocols you deteremine that are geared towards your specific needs. There are 3 packages (Men, Women, and Seniors-there are also packages for juniors as well). Each package comes with three SuperSpeed Swing Trainers (lighter than average driver, average driver weight, heavier than average driver).