Hodson Golf Outdoor Winter Fresh-Air Fitting CV-19 Policy

We have fielded some justifiable calls recently from customers looking to purchase some of our popular Holiday Fitting Specials for their loved ones, but are a bit hesitant with the current health concerns. Please understand that we are still utilizing the same preventative measures including our fitters wearing masks at all times and cleaning/sanitizing between fittings. It is for this reason that our fittings are spread out more/more limited each day to give us ample time to clean between each fitting.

Unlike the national chain still fitting indoors within a confined indoor bay – WE CONTINUE TO FIT OUTDOORS OFF GRASS IN THE FRESH AIR!

We have some serious heaters and plan on fitting throughout the winter as best we can. As always our gift card purchases have no expiration so typically most of the holiday packages/gift cards that we sell are redeemed in the early spring.

We also still require all customers to please sign our release prior to any fitting which shows just seriously we take this thing.