2021 – Maximizing those older clubs gifted to you last year

We experienced an unprecedented number of young customers who recently took up the game last year and quite simply have the bug (all of you avid golfers have been there). Make no mistake, this generation is the future of this great industry and should not be discounted because they don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at new clubs. Most were “gifted” their used clubs by a friend or typical older relative. Although this allows them to avoid having to rent a set of clubs to go play with their friends, in most cases these clubs are doing more harm than good (rule of thumb: if you are in your 20’s and typically hit a 8 iron or less for 150 yards you definitely should not be in graphite regular or senior flex shafts).

We at Hodson Golf are here to custom fit and build to the individual golfers custom specs. We have several tour trailers and the experience to pretty much do anything with any golf club whether its current or an antique (yes I learned how to re-finish and re-whip hickory shafted clubs when I was 12 (40+ years ago) and the same with leather-wrap grips w/ under-listings.

Don’t feel awkward that you have an older set of clubs, be thankful that you have a set that you can bring to us to re-build. We aren’t here to just fit you into an expensive set of custom clubs. Our prices are the same as any big box and/or online and definitely less than the national club-fitting chains.

If you love this game as much as we do but on a budget, we can custom fit you and re-build/re-shaft, bend, etc. your existing clubs to significantly increase their performance. As we strive to have a continuing relationship with our customers, it is not uncommon a year or two down the road to bring those re-built clubs back to us to simply re-head them with the latest and greatest technology/heads so that you don’t have to drop a bunch of money up-front.