Anticipated Vendor back-orders picking up steam

So earlier this year (January is the new March) we posted to encourage everyone to get in early for their fittings. There were rumblings in the industry at the time about potential component shortages even though every single vendor representative was assuring us otherwise. Well we were right and they were wrong. Even though a vendor may have a warehouse full of their new 2021 product lines (heads) its the components (namely shafts and grips) that are the problem now. We have placed orders recently where a particular shaft in a particular flex is back-ordered until June or July. Another order a particular grip of a particular size is now back-ordered until July.

Fortunately we saw this coming and loaded up on our shaft and grip inventories as we have the capability of building the clubs ourselves (Hodson Golf VIP build). Keep in mind that this just adds to the costs and delay of the clubs mainly due higher shipping costs and delayed shipping times (still an on-going problem).

I don’t want to discourage people from coming in for their custom fittings but I can assure you – these vendor delays are only going to get worse so get in now to avoid having to wait until the summer or fall to get your custom clubs.