Hodson Golf now partnered with The Trade-In-Guys

I must say I’m pretty pumped about our new partnership with this local Richmond run outfit. I must say there are quite a few of these operations online but I can tell you from firsthand experience these guys are legit with over 30 employees. I personally inspected their warehouse over by The Diamond and the place is absolutely huge and chocked full of used golf clubs, bags, and pretty much anything golf related. The best part – they are paying great prices on used equipment and cannot get enough as demand for golf clubs as we all know is crazy high right now (new and apparently used). Anyway, trade-pricing is also better as you don’t have to deal with shipping costs which takes a pretty big bite out of any trade (especially irons due to weight). You simply bring the clubs to us and we take care of the rest.

Going forward Hodson Golf will take any of your clubs for trade with the trade value being applied to any club purchase and/or repair (yes even repair, re-gripping or bending) which can really net that new set cost down. With grip prices going up almost weekly getting rid of those old clubs taking up space in your garage can be put to good use (and make your spouse happy!). We will also be hosting an event early next month where these guys will be set up for 2 days to take any clubs you want to get rid off. Any trade clubs taken in during that event would be applied as a credit to Hodson Golf for any future custom clubs, repair, or regripping. My son Drew (4th generation) will also be doing repairs for these guys going forward so just let us know if you have broken clubs which we can re-shaft and/or repair to get you at least something for them.