Summer Golf Equipment Doldrums – The Good, The Bad, and the downright Ugly

The Ugly – To say this has been a trying last 15 months in the golf equipment industry would be an understatement. Golf manufacturers simply did not see the overwhelming demand for everything golf related during the pandemic, coupled with a multitude of problems just getting the components needed to actually build the clubs (the majority of which still come from overseas). A few manufacturers were somewhat prepared but unfortunately most were pretty much blindsided with continued supply chain issues. I would love to say it’s getting better but it is not.

The Bad – Although a welcome problem to have, demand for everything golf related is now at all-time record highs. The most frustrating part – golf manufacturers are trying their best to meet this record demand but supply chain constraints (across most consumer product lines now) are simply out of their control. The biggest constraints now in our industry relates to the components (steel shafts especially) and grips. Some manufacturers are now quoting Thanksgiving for some custom iron orders simply because they can’t get the necessary shafts and grips.

The Good – Hopefully everyone in supply-chain management will learn from this fiasco and will take necessary steps to see that we, as consumers, will not have to deal with something like this again. I can’t tell you how refreshing it has been over the last year to see so many young and energetic new customers embracing this wonderful game. My family has been in this business for generations and I can’t tell you how much this new found enthusiasm has been a shot-in-the-arm (sorry for the pun) for this industry. Going forward with upcoming fall golf-line releases, most manufacturers are much more prepared now.

Summary – Most golf manufacturers have been hard at work since early this year implementing larger scale production/orders for their various new golf equipment lines with many now hoping for fall releases. Typically manufacturers would debut their new lines at the PGA trade-show in January in preparation of a spring release. Fortunately many of those manufacturers are now gearing things toward a fall release (with ample supply) this year so let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will still be able to pull that off – We will keep you posted.