Hodson Golf new Mid-Atlantic Dealer for premium Auto Flex Shafts

Hodson Golf is proud to be the exclusive Auto Flex dealer in the Mid-Atlantic. We will have these bad boys in-hand and ready for install next week. For those gear-heads out there you all have seen/heard people raving about how much extra distance they picked up and now you can see for yourself. Please contact us via contact form on right to pre-order yours now with special pricing. I have also included some informative links below to help you best choose your shaft based on swing-speed. We will also have these in our fitting line-up if you would like to schedule a launch monitor fitting. For a limited time Hodson Golf will also be offering a reduced Auto Flex outdoor launch monitor fitting package.

Driver Shaft Specs (New 2021 Autoflex Pink/Black or Rainbow Color Scheme)

SF305X : 41 gram / Approx. 170 CPM / Ladies / Swing Speed 70~90 mph / Swing weight C5~C9

SF405 : 45 gram / Approx. 180 CPM / Mens / Swing Speed 85~100 mph / Swing weight C8~D0

SF505 : 50 gram / Approx. 210 CPM / Professionals / Swing Speed 95~100 mph / Swing weight D0~D1

SF505X : 54 gram / Approx. 220 CPM / Long Drive Player / Swing Speed 100~110 mph / Swing weight D1~D1.5

SF505XX : 57 gram / Approx. 230 CPM / Long Drive Champions / Swing Speed 110~120 mph / Swing wight D1.5~D2.5


– Increased swing speed?

– Increased ball speed?

– Increase launch with lower spin?

– Increase both distance AND accuracy?

– Swing with less strain?

With #AUTOFLEX featuring Dumina Co.’s Korea Hidden Technology, the answer is YES.

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