Golf Shaft “Pureing” – What is the deal (and is it really worth it)

So we had another dissatisfied customer come to us last week who had recently visited the national fitting chain here in Richmond. Among other issues we were asked our thoughts on steel iron shaft pureing (intentionally misspelt) also known as spine-aligning. I nearly fell out of my chair when he told me that this national chain was charging $35 per club for this service. I’ll be perfectly frank here – if you are a low, or + handicap golfer, or a player that makes a living at this game then I can justify the additional expense simply for “peace of mind” that your equipment is perfectly dialed in. For the other 99.9% of the golfing public out there (especially most of whom like me are on some sort of a budget) I would rather put that money towards better uses/equipment. For instance if you have a 7 piece iron set and 3 wedges (10 clubs) then you would be looking at $350 additional for this service which could be put towards a new fairway/hybrid or driver. You could also just skip the service/upcharge all together and guess what – you just paid for two of those wedges!. Again don’t get me wrong as we offer this service in out tour trailer (at much less I might add) but I guess we just have a better moral compass to not offer this service to a customer who honestly doesn’t need it (especially a novice or beginner). I’m sure I will get some backlash from this and probably a cease desist to remove this post (wouldn’t be the first time) but this is again my own opinion.