Mizuno JPX 923 Now available – officially :)

We have been doing great with the new JPX line and we have now officially past the “release date”. I’ve included some informative links below and it’s exciting to see a manufacturer introduce a new line this time of the year. The best part – with this “official” release date Mizuno is now quoting 7-10 days on custom orders. Please contact us to try these things outdoors on the grass.

What’s new? How about NICKEL CHROMOLY 4335… what’s that?

  • 35% STRONGER than Chromoly 4140M of 921 and 919
  • 8% THINNER clubface, providing explosive ball speeds and 16% larger CORAREA
  • Seamless Cup Face technology to provide deeper CoG’s for higher launch and better landing angles
  • New variable sole thickness that creates 18% more additional Face Flex
  • V-Chassis Design implemented provides more stability through the face to enhance the feel even more

There’s a 3rd Hot Metal in the family now… what is it and who is it for?

  • JPX923 Hot Metal HL – High Launch! An iron model the game has desperately needed and Mizuno has delivered
  • Mizuno’s introduction to the Super Game Improvement category
  • Slower swing speeds, varying attack angles and any golfer in need of Launch Assistance
  • Mizuno Shaft Optimizer 3D had 375k swings this past year, 28% at 70 mph… why is that important?
    • At 70 mph, modern SGI lofts have gotten so strong that these golfers are sacrificing carry distance because the ball cannot get in the air at these lofts and speeds
    • Solution? 31* of loft in the 7i with a wider sole, more offset, thicker top lines, and an extremely deep CoG that allows these golfers to see heights, descent angles, and distances they could only dream of