New Aerotech Steelfiber Private Reserve Spinner Wedge Shafts

It seems like everyone is getting on the new wedge bandwagon for 2023 and we couldn’t be more excited about the new steelfiber spinner wedge shafts available in 5 weights.

SteelFiber Private Reserve Wedge shafts are ideal for those who love SteelFiber iron shafts and want to utilize Aerotech’s unique SteelFiber technology in their wedges. The weight offerings for SteelFiber PR Wedge are optimized to match an existing, slightly lighter, SteelFiber iron shaft—giving you an ideal weight progression from your irons to wedges. Designed as a wedge specific shaft, SteelFiber PR Wedge is a taper tip option that offers higher spin while maintaining launch control.

Contact us now to set up a fitting to come out and do a proper wedge launch monitor fitting to determine the optimum shaft for you. In most cases we can then shaft up your existing wedges the same day with our PGA tour trailer on-site.



i75WEDGE36.5″762.3 .355.600HIGHMID
i90WEDGE36.5″902.3 .355.600HIGHMID
i105WEDGE36.5″1062.0 .355.600HIGHLOW
i120WEDGE36.5″1221.8 .355.605HIGHLOW
i130WEDGE36.5″1301.8 .355.605HIGHLOW