Srixon ZK7 MKII Driver Promotion – a Win Win

The new Srixon driver has been performing amazingly well. Best of all it comes a great price point with a decent option of stock shafts at no upcharge. For a limited time Srixon is running a trade up promotion where you can apply an additional $100 towards any driver traded in for this new beast. For example if you current driver trade in is valued at $150 you would then receive a $250 credit towards the new driver $250 net driver cost vs $500).

We are absolutely rolling right now with this crazy warm weather so I would encourage anyone who is considering custom clubs for this year to sign up now for your private outdoor launch monitor fitting. This way you are sure to get your new custom clubs much quicker (Most manufactures now quoting 10-14 days on custom builds) which will only lengthen as we get into March and April (last spring most manufacturers were quoting 6-8 weeks). An early fit will also ensure you get the advantage over your competitors for the upcoming season.