Hodson Golf (Ping 2023 Power Fitter) is proud offer the exclusive Ping Adaptive Fitting

We are extremely excited and proud to offer this exclusive fitting opportunity to our growing customer base. Our sessions are available to the public (not just military) by appointment only. This is a new program and opportunity for us so keep posted and we will have more information coming. Hodson Golf has always strived to work with our military heroes as we have a great military presence here in the Mid-Atlantic. My father devoted his retirement years to helping our countries wounded heroes out of Fort Belvoir and we are proud to continue his legacy. There are only a handful of Ping Power Fitters in the country which offer this exclusive service and we are currently the only one on the East Coast south of MA. We are honestly so proud to be able to offer this service and rest assured each and every one of you will have a great and memorable experience with us during your private outdoor fitting session with us. Please click the link below for more information.

Hodson Golf Adaptive Fitting & Ping Case Studies

Exclusive Ping Tour Trailer Adaptive Fitting Event 5/28/23

PING’s adaptive fitting program can assist a variety of special-needs golfers, including:

  • Those who play from a wheelchair
  • Golfers playing from an assistive cart
  • Amputees
  • Stroke survivors
  • People who are convalescing
  • Seniors
  • Blind golfers
  • Vertically Challenged

In addition to building one-of-a-kind equipment as needed, PING engineers have experience making special accommodations in these areas:

  • Length – +3″ to -3″ can be built as standard product. Most lengths are possible through our PING Wrx department. Extreme lengths we’ve built recently: a 57″ driver, and irons at 22″.
  • Lie – ±5°  can be built as standard product, and bigger changes can be ordered on some models as a special order through PING Wrx.
  • Weight – Weight can be added to the head using lead tape, tungsten or heavy CTP weights. Weight can sometimes be removed by using very light CTP weights or by grinding.
  • Large grips – Our PP60 and PP62 putter grips are large diameter and lightweight and can be used on full-swing clubs in some circumstances as a special order through PING Wrx.
  • Quantum Grip™ Velcro® grip and gloves – They provide golfers a firm hold of the club for more confidence while swinging. Available through PING Wrx. Visit www.quantumgrip.com for more info.
  • Shaft flex – In general, a very light, flexible shaft will benefit most golfers who have a slow swing speed.