Updated 12/15 – Additional discounts now available!

Hodson Golf is excited to offer some great discounts towards our most popular holiday packages and its hard to believe we are down to our last week before Christmas. The discount code’s below apply to various fitting and/or custom club combination packages.

As always a portion of the fitting fee is applied to each purchase, depending upon purchase amount. As always all of our fittings include a complimentary follow-up fitting.

To apply coupon simply copy the coupon code for your desired package (red font) and then paste the code in the coupon section at checkout when you purchase that particular fitting package (links below for each coupon/package type). Gift cards are always popular as you can gift any amount to any individual. You can also specify when exactly you would like the gift card delivered to the recipients email.

Update: just a reminder that although the coupon discount codes expire 12/31/22 for purchase, the actual fitting/package/custom clubs can be scheduled/redeemed at any time next year.



fit = New-Best Deal!-This limited time coupon code is good for $75 off a single private launch monitor fitting session ($200). This coupon applies to single session fitting purchased before 12/31/22 but can be used/redeemed anytime next year 2023.

autoflex = $175 off premium Korean Dumina AutoFlex Driver Shaft and Fitting Package

putter = $100 off our premium custom putter fitting package

miura = $100 off our premium Japanese Forged Miura wedge package

miurairon = $200 off a custom Miura fitting package

T22 = $50 off our Forged Mizuno T22 Wedge Package

vokey = $75 off our Vokey SM9 wedge package

jaws = $75 off our new Callaway Raw Face Jaws wedge package

tuneup = Coupon good towards $75 off our Equipment Tune-Up Special for the holidays

300fit = *Updated 11/23/22 – This coupon entitles an extended launch monitor fitting session ($300 value) towards any Custom Club package of $2,500 or more purchased through 12/31/22. (can be used/redeemed anytime in 2023).

200fitt = This Coupon offers $200 discount towards our Custom Fitting Package which includes launch monitor fitting session and complimentary follow up fitting. Good towards any $1,500 fitting package purchased through 12/31/22

idfitt = This Coupon will save $50 on a private driver or iron set fitting (includes follow up)

tsr = This coupon saves $100 on a custom Titleist TSR driver fitting package

rogue = This coupon saves $100 on a custom Callaway Rogue ST driver fitting package