We are currently taking our best precautions during our limited availability fittings. We are wearing both face-masks and gloves during all fittings and keeping safe distances as best we can. We are also cleaning our equipment before, during, and after each fitting. We are fitting outdoors off real grass but our building is currently close per state mandate.

For all scheduled fittings please sign and return this mandatory CV-19 release below. Please email us the signed copy or simply bring it for your scheduled fitting.

Hodson Golf Current CV-19 Updates:

  1. Our building is currently closed but we are fitting outdoors only at our UofR location with a private designated section of the range on grass. 
  2. Due to demand and the necessary steps/lengths needed to adequately clean/sanitize before/during/after each fitting we are only allotting 2 hour fitting sessions per request.
  3. Our current fitting fee per 2 hour session = $200
  4. As always each fitting includes a complimentary follow up fitting (If we run out of time to fit you into other clubs during the initial 2 hour session then we finish during the follow-up @ n/c).
  5. As always a portion of each fitting fee will be allocated to your custom club purchase (allocation based on purchase amount). 
  6. 5/8 Update: Most major golf manufacturing operations have now back to business with most quoting 2-3 week turnaround for custom orders.  If we have the necessary components in stock (hopefully) we can custom build them ourselves but no promises.