Hodson Golf will be offering an exciting array of clinics, programs, and seminars this year at Independence Golf Club. Please click here to see a general calendar of events.

With our newest location at Independence Golf Club, Hodson Golf will be implementing several new membership offerings in addition to some exciting new individual and group programs and clinics. To maximize our service capabilities we will be utilizing our latest custom built on-course custom fitting vehicle which will contain thousands of head, shaft, and grip combinations. This vehicle (with built-in launch monitor and flat panel t.v.) will allow us to take our game not only from the studio, but to the range, and NOW THE GOLF COURSE itself.  Please see related posts in regards to the extensive and diverse list of our new shaft and head offerings which no one anywhere close (except maybe Scottsdale) can beat!

These new membership programs and curriculum will allow Hodson Golf to extend a more guaranteed privileged service to our premium “high-volume” customers, while still providing our continued service to the remainder of our past, present, and future customers (and their continued patronage).

 There will be a limited number of memberships available along with a set limit of participants allowed for each clinic. We will soon be posting a new page detailing the upcoming clinics and seminars but will include several unique and exclusive events such as:

  1. Launch Monitor Flightscope Training – A 5 – 10 session training seminar which will allow you to optimize all of your clubs in your bag. This seminar will focus on strategic yardage gaping and “dialing-in” the optimum ball launch and angle of descent parameters for the four key shots in golf (Driver off the tee, Scoring shots, Mid-Approach shots, Long-Approach shots). Swing analysis using the dopplar radar will also be critiqued with equipment adjustments made to optimize both distance control and directional accuracy.
  2. Driver Intense Clinic – This clinic will delve into the technical aspects of swing/shaft/head/ball fitting as typically approached by the tour-level fitters. Numerous data points will be captured and explained as to why these typically misunderstood calibrations are  so important to optimum drive.
  3. On-Course Wedge Fitting clinics – How many times have you gone to a wedge fitting and you basically hit off an artificial mat or a well manicured range tee? Well this clinic will get down and dirty (and sandy) by taking the fitting process to all facets of course conditions in order to fully determine the necessary wedge setup that each student needs. Custom grinding, bending, and porting (if necessary) will also be included.
  4. On-Course Fitting and Equipment overview – This basically is a one-on-one fitting utilizing real course situations. These clinics are popular to our guests staying in our on-site lodging cabins and in most cases can actually sit back with their favorite refreshments and watch their clubs being built in our tour trailer.
  5. Wedge Shootout – this is a fun and entertaining way to learn about the tour-level wedge fitting process while also competing for both prizes and awards. Participants will be paired in small groups and over a 2 hour period will be shuttled between 3 stations (Radar Charting, Wedge Demo/fitting/calibration, and Greenside).


Check back soon as I’m still putting this together,  but there will be some unique membership packages available to all levels of golfer. A new junior membership will also be introduced geared specifically for the accomplished junior golfers aiming towards collegiate competition and beyond.




So all your groomsman are coming in town for the big day and the first thing you do is plan your golf. After that, you sit back and try to figure out that perfect gift for the groomsman that is both unique and useful  (and something that no one else has done before). Well how about Hodson Golf riding along in our custom fitting vehicle while your playing on the course at Independence and custom fitting each of your groomsman with their own custom wedge. After everyone is fit, I would head back to the tour trailer and custom build each wedge and can then custom stamp each wedge with whatever you would like – initials, wedding date, etc.




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