Anticipated 2021 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) GOLF EQUIPMENT PRICING (Excludes Fitting Fee, tax and shipping) 

Update 11/20 – Based on preliminary pricing schedules that we are seeing I would expect/anticipate a 5-10% increase to the pricing chart below (that $500 driver in 2020 will probably be $525-$550 next year under current market conditions. 

New Equipment Category Low Range Mid Range High Range *Exotic Range Premium Shaft Upcharge
Driver (w/ stock shaft) $400 +/- $500 +/- $650 +/- $850 +/- ***$150-$1,000
Fairway (w/ stock shaft) $250 +/- $300 +/- $350 +/- $580 +/- ***$150-$1,000
Hybrid (w/ stock shaft) $250 +/- $300 +/- $350 +/- $400 +/- ***$100-$200+/-
**Irons (w/ stock steel shaft) $900 +/- $1,250 +/- $2,000 +/- $3,600 +/- $15-$20 each+/-
Wedge (w/ stock shaft) $125 +/- $150 +/- $200 $650 +/- $25-$50 +/-
Putter (w/ stock shaft) $150 +/- $225 +/- $400 +/- $650 +/-  

*Exotic clubs generally refer to PXG, Miura, XXIO Prime, etc.

**Graphite vs Steel shafts in irons/wedges typically add $25-$50 per club ($200-$400 per iron set)

***Premium Shaft upcharges generally refer to tour spec shafts from Graphite Design, Fujikura, etc ($250 avg)

***Premium grip upcharges range $8-$25 per club ($10 average)

Current Spring 2019 fitting fee = $150 (with a portion applied to purchase depending upon purchase amount).



Please understand that we don’t set the prices on equipment, we are here to professionally fit you for the best equipment (at the most economical value) for your game. Equipment prices across the board have jumped up this year so PLEASE be aware of the typical costs and PLEASE let us know your approximate budget when you contact us for a fitting , then you will receive a pre-fitting questionnaire when you contact us for a private fitting


Our fittings are a two part process. During a driver fitting, for instance;

  • We put you through a thorough launch monitor fitting, comparing all of the best performing OEM drivers along with assorted stock shaft offerings,  to get you the optimum/best performing combination for your game. During the initial fitting, we try our best to focus on the best shaft options that are available as “stock options” with no up-charges from the various manufacturers. Please keep in mind there are situations where the customer simply needs a better performing/up-charge shaft in order to get the best results, and we will clearly let you know this and show you the data to support your additional investment in the clubs.
  • The second part of our fitting process is the follow up. Once you have had a chance to break-in the clubs, we then get you back for the complimentary follow up session, where we can confirm that the clubs are performing optimally and can “tweak” and or adjust the clubs as needed. During the follow up fitting (especially for drivers) we can then try out and/or test your new driver results with other premium/high-end shafts to see if the performance levels can be increased even more and if the additional up-charge/cost for a premium shaft is warranted. If an up-charge shaft is warranted, then you would just simply pay the difference for the premium shaft.