Hodson Golf Silver Membership Plan




In an effort to better service our repeat customers,  we are offering a new membership plan geared towards these unique individuals. This is a value based membership which will easily pay for itself for those of you who appreciate what we offer here at Hodson Golf.

  1. $250 Equipment credit good towards any custom equipment purchased throughout the year.
  2. Exclusive  reservations given to all Hodson Golf hosted events, seminars, and functions.
  3. Potential access to certain pre-release and/or prototype shafts and heads to test and analyze. Most of these items are only available to Tour Level players. You guys will be given access to these clubs/shafts to both test and purchase long before these items come to market.
  4. $200 repair credit which can be used towards any type of repair or re-gripping service throughout the year.
  5. 2 hours of free launch monitor time throughout the year ($300 value) which does not include launch monitor time already provided to this membership level during Hodson Golf hosted events, seminars,  and functions.
  6. 1 Full Launch Monitor Fitting sessions throughout the year – $250 value


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