Please understand that we are a small family run business and scheduling is key to our availability. As the popularity of golf has sky-rocketed we have been in even higher demand but rest assured we will get you taken care of ASAP. Although we have a state of the art private indoor/outdoor fitting center complete with a PGA Tour Trailer (basically the Willy Wonka Golf Factory for any avid golfer) we really encourage appointment only. You can also call or text Michelle at 804-475-6311 if you need to speak with us directly.

Fitting/Scheduling Process

  1. Please refer to our pricing page for approximate equipment price ranges (our prices are the same you will find at any big-box or golf shop).
  2. Please fill out the contact form to let us know what service or type of fitting you were interested in (very important as this will allow us to allocate appropriate time).
  3. Please indicate in the form below your anticipated budget as this will allow us to more efficiently work you through our fitting process. Once the form below is filled out Please click on Send Message.
  4. We will reply to your submitted form/fitting request within 24 hours with our current availability.
  5. Please reply to our availability email with your primary and a back-up fitting day/time.
  6. We will then confirm via email your fitting date/time along with directions and instructions on how to prepare for your fitting and what to bring.
  7. After your fitting we will email you the breakdown of your custom equipment build. Once we receive approval or make any changes at your request, we will begin on your custom order. We will also notify you on what to expect after your fitting and will also keep you posted on projected delivery once the clubs are in production. Payment (cash or check preferred) will be accepted when the clubs are available for pickup.