First of all, thanks for a wonderful experience. The choices given and the results noted real time along with actually hitting off of grass in the outdoors were really gratifying and convincing. Also, your demeanor and easing going nature put me at ease as well as having the benefit of your knowledge, feedback and putting up with all my questions. I went home feeling great knowing that I had the best experience compared to any other golf purchase, fitting or store visit I have ever had.
M. Maroney, Chesapeake, VA
Andrew, I have now played two rounds with the clubs you made for me and I could not be happier. I had numerous occasions where I have hit a full 6, 7, 8 or 9 and been within reasonable one putt distance. I haven't done that for a very long time and it is every bit as great of feeling as 20 years ago when I could hit those same short irons a whole lot further 🙂 but I'm not sure it was any more accurate. In terms of the new shafts on the Tight Lies, I am getting much better trajectory and improved accuracy also. Once again, thank you very much for bringing some fun back to my game!!!!!!!!
Mike E., Midlothian
Everyone knows that hard work cannot be replaced in the game. But it is great to see the efforts of that practice optimized by using state of the art clubs fitted and selected by Andrew. The fact that I carded an ace within a few days of playing the new Fourteen wedges is a testament to their playability and accuracy as well as Andrew’s ability to put the best clubs in my bag.
Ben, Richmond
Every time Hodson Golf visits my facility, my members and their guests have a first class experience. Precision fittings and excellent customer service is what you get from Andrew, a third generation golf professional! My students go to him and get great fittings! I rely on him, myself, occasionally, for personal golf equipment needs and have always gotten exactly what I sought after. My advice: seek Andrew out for his knowledge and expertise on all your golf equipment needs. He is a true professional. Adam C. Smith PGA Director of Instruction Salisbury Country Club Golf Digest Best in State 2008 MAPGA Teacher of The Year
Adam Smith, PGA, Midlothian, VA
When given the choice between working with a local professional or a national chain, I will ALWAYS invest my time and money with a local pro. I’m sure Club Champion will draw its share of the market, but I think their draw will come at the expense of those that would otherwise go to Dicks or Golf Galaxy, and are content to hit indoors.
Andy S., Richmond VA
Just want to give you an update. I have been playing very well. I had to stretch where I shot 66-67- 69 back to back to back. The 67 included a hole-in-one. Just wanted to say thank you!
Steve F., Richmond, VA
Andrew, What a difference a correctly-fitted set of clubs makes!
The second time playing with them I shot my lowest round ever at JLCC – an honest-to-goodness 82 – that included hitting all of the Par 3s that I can reach with an iron in regulation! Two days later I eagled the Par 4 7th hole from 125 yards out (a nine iron). Yipee!
I absolutely can tell the difference playing with clubs that are properly fit. And opting for that hybrid 5 already is paying off. I’m hitting everything higher and farther.
So … thanks again for working with me this spring.

David P. , Richmond, VA
I can't tell you how happy and impressed I was with the fitting and the clubs you set me up with. I had never done a fitting before and was unsure of what to expect. Anyone reading this who is on the fence about getting fitted for clubs, do it, and do it with Hodson Golf. Andrew is a class act and is very good at what he does. I've played one round with my new irons along with a couple range sessions, and I can already tell a big difference. So glad I pulled the trigger on getting fitted. Thanks Andrew!
B Cofer, Smithfield, VA
I could not have asked for more from my driver fitting experience. I gained 20-25 yards with the Adams LSP/ Motore combo. Andrew is truly a professional and for those of us who are looking to take our game to the next level, its starts with the correct equipment. Thank you for making the game more fun.
Alan L, richmond
When given the choice between working with a local professional or a national chain, I will ALWAYS invest my time and money with a local pro. I’m sure Club Champion will draw its share of the market, but I think their draw will come at the expense of those that would otherwise go to Dicks or Golf Galaxy, and are content to hit indoors.
Andy S., Richmond VA
OMG! Andrew, I received them yesterday and they are absolutely the most beautiful clubs I have ever seen! Almost gold plated! Today I had a practice round at Glenmore and amazed at the beautiful shots with these irons and hybrids . My Pitching wedge goes around 100 yards, high, lands on green, and stopped! Hybrid high straight!
My only dilemma now is to what to get next...wedges or fairway woods?
So appreciative of your talent!
Jill. A huge fan of XX10

Jill B., Charlottesville, VA
Yeah, that new hybrid (Adams Pro) is a beast. The ball simply explodes off the face and then screams uncle all the way to the landing area.
Bob M., JLCC-Richmond
First I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time last Saturday. The experience was great and the feedback that you have provided has given me a great avenue to improve my game. While I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy all of the great clubs we figured out on Saturday I just wanted to let you know that the Adams 3 Hybrid is an AMAZING club. The ball just flies off of the club and it already feels like the most comfortable club in my bag. I am looking forward trying out the whole set when they come in

D. Evans, Lynchburg
Andrew, I’ve gained about 45 yards with the Titleist Driver with the Oban shaft you fitted me for. It has given me so much more confidence on the course. I hit a drive on the 11th hole of the James River 275 yards. Admittedly, it was downhill and downwind but who cares. Thanks for your expertise in fitting me with the right driver. I can consistently hit it longish and stay in the fairways more than ever.
Shane M., Richmond, VA
Enjoyed working with you, as always, on Saturday.

I took my new driver to the practice range on Sunday and it is a sweet swinging club. I am very pleased with it-Money well spent!

I am even more pleased with the new fairway metal. When I headed your way on Saturday, I thought I would probably end up with a new driver. The last thing I thought, though, was that I would also end up with a new fairway wood. Another hybrid, yes. Another fairway wood, no. But the darn club is just so easy to hit that it somehow feels like cheating every time I hit a ball. Simply a great club. I took it out on the course and hit both full length club shots and choke down on the grip, 5-wood type shots. Both were very easy to hit, Nice elevation, straight, and pleasantly consistent yardage differences. Did I mention straight? This club could be my new best friend.

Jack S., Williamsburg VA

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