New Graphite Design Premium Shaft Release – YS NanoReloaded & Tour AD MJ

So Graphite Design is getting ready to release a few new shafts and I wanted to keep everyone updated. I can’t tell you how many customers have told me how much they loved the blue Graphite Design YS series shaft.  Well I’m happy to announce that Graphite Design is releasing a turbo-charged version of perhaps their most popular shaft line.
The first new shaft for 2015 will be the YS NanoReloaded. We have launched our new YS NanoReloaded shafts on the PGA Tour and we plan to launch them in the market on November 3rd with product availability starting then. We will market the YS NanoReloaded shafts in all regions with the exception of Japan. They will be available in 50g, 60g and 70g woods as well as a hybrid offering in 75g and 85g. The shaft specification sheet is attached to this e-mail for your additional information and below is a link to a piece that Golf WRX recently did on the YS NanoReloaded as well.(Note: please click here for a great article that Zak wrote about these shafts)

The YS Reloaded shaft was created by upgrading the current YS+ shaft designs with the Toray Composites “Nano-Alloy” material technology that first appeared in the Tour AD DI shafts. This is why we call this material technology “DI Technology”. The Nano-Alloy material is utilized to promote an increase in stability without the loss of the feel that the YS line is so well known for.

The second new shaft for 2015 is the Tour AD MJ which will launch into the market on December 1st. The new Tour AD MJ is modeled after our current Tour AD model MT, however it has a slightly softer tip to mid-section and lower kick point to promote a Mid/High launch and Low to Mid spin condition. The new Tour AD MJ also utilizes the 3rd generation of Nano-Alloy material or “DI Technology for added stability and durability. Note the Bend Profile Comparison chart also attached for more details about the bend profile and how it compares to the other Tour AD wood shafts. We have launched this shaft on the PGA Tour at the recent Fry’ event that resulted in a win and we will continue to heavily promote them on tour into the 2015 season.